Meet this special family of Udaipur who have been making small Gangaur Idols for years.

Meet this special family of Udaipur who have been making small Gangaur Idols for years.

Gangaur is colorful and one of the most important festivals of Mewar. This festival is also known as the “Mewar Festival”. Today we are going to introduce you to a special family, who have been making the Choti or small idols of Gangaur in Udaipur for the last several decades.

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Choti Gangaur is a very special small Gangaur Idol which is a small form of Gangaur idol made from black smooth clay in a special way.

The Sharma family and their ancestors have been making small or Chhoti Gangaur idols in Udaipur city for more than 100 years.

Gangaur means worshiping the “Goddess Gauri” and celebrates spring, harvest, and marital fidelity.

The word “Gan” is used for “Lord Shiva”, while “Gaur” is used for Gauri (Parvati) and Gangaur justifies Lord Shiva and Parvati together.

For this religious festival in Mewar, more than 250 small Gangaur idols are made and sold by the Sharma family. The cost of each Gangauri idol is around 250- 300 Indian rupees.

Maharaja Sajjan Singh of Udaipur had given special permission to the ancestors of the Sharma family to Make Small Gangaur Idol.

The Reason Behind the Making of Small Gangaur Idols

The main reason behind making small Gangaur idols is that every family wishes that their family and home are blessed by Maa Gauri and Lord Shiva. Because the big idols of Gangaur are kept in temples, that is why small Gangaur idols are made specially to worship at home.

Then, these small Gangaur idols are sold in a two-day fair at Moti Chohatta, a place inside the old city in Udaipur. From Diwali itself, the Sharma family gets involved in the making of Small Gangaurs idol.

How Small Gangaur is made at their home:

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The process of making small Gangaur idols includes some stages:

According to The Artist Chiranjeev Lal Sharma, the head of the Sharma family, Gangaur idols are specially made from black clay because black clay is considered holy in the Hindu scriptures.

Making of Chhoti Gangaur (Source – Rajasthan Patrika)

For this, firstly they make the face of Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiva using the black clay and after that, the rest of the body is made using a mold.

After that, the idols are painted in different beautiful colors and finally, traditional royal costumes made by hand are worn to Maa Gauri and Lord Shiva.

These idols are sold at the two-day fair. A large number of women come to the city to buy small Gangaur idols.

Finally, they are welcomed in the temples and homes of society.
This is how these special family of Udaipur is making Gangaur idol at their home for years.

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Written by Vishal Hiloriya

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