9 best fruits you should eat this summer to stay fit and healthy

9 best fruits you should eat this summer to stay fit and healthy

Now that summer is truly here, it is time to keep you hydrated and nourished more than ever. With the sun wreaking havoc, it is easy not only to lose your cool but also your energy. The heat can drain you more than you think, especially if you have a job that keeps you outdoors. Eating fruits will help to boost up your immune system and fight with this rising temperature.

Talking about Udaipur city, the summers are at their peak from the beginning of April to the end of June.
The climate of Udaipur is extremely hot and dry during summers.

The maximum temperature reaches 40°C or above, while the average daily temperature is around 30°C.
People have to face a lot of problems and going out without protection in summer can prove to be very harmful to the body.

So, We list out a few fruits that you should have in your bag to instantly boost your energy levels this summer.

1. Cucumber:

cucumber benefits

Benefits: Cools you down, is low calorie, high in fiber, anti-oxidant, high water content, controls blood pressure.

Nutritional content: Good source of potassium, high on vitamin C, A and K.

Quick snack: It is good to snack on freshly cut cucumbers with black salt at any time of the day.

2. Grape:

Grapes Benefits

Benefits: Can cure migraine and indigestion, is good for vision, asthma, and skin, and also protects against sunburn. It is also an anti-aging agent.

Nutritional content: Low on saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. A good source of Vitamin C and K

Quick snack: Frozen grapes dipped in yogurt on a hot afternoon makes for a cooling snack.

3. Orange:

orange benefits

Benefits: Prevents cancer and kidney-related diseases, reduces the risk of liver cancer, good for skin and blood pressure, alkalizes the body, contains smart carbs.

Nutritional content: Vitamin C, A precursors, calcium, potassium, and pectin

Quick snack: Include a few pieces of orange in your regular salad for a zesty taste and healthy diet.

4. Watermelon:

watermelon benefits

Benefits: Good for the bones, helps reduce body weight, regulates the action of nerves and muscles, improves vision and prevents cell damage and cardiovascular diseases]

Nutritional content: Good source of potassium, Vitamin A and C

Quick snack: Watermelon slices with cheddar cheese is an easy and healthy snack on a hot day.

5. Apple:

Apple benefits

Benefits: Helps curb all kinds of cancer and also protects from Alzheimer’s. Reduces cholesterol, boosts your immune system and prevents gall bladder stones

Nutritional content: Good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C

Quick snack: Apple with chaat masala is a healthy snack.

6. Strawberry:

strawberry benefits

Benefits: Keeps your skin wrinkle-free, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, fights cancer, good for prenatal health.

Nutritional content: Good for hormones and bones, Vitamin C

Quick snack: Strawberry with cream is a good dessert option.

7. Star fruit (Carambola):

star fruit benefits

Benefits: Cures hangovers, treats sore eyes, helps cure headaches, ringworm, chickenpox, and prickly heat.

Nutritional content: Pantothenic acid and potassium, Vitamin C and copper Quick snack: Pieces of star fruit mixed with mustard oil and salt is a healthy snack.

8. Guavas:


Benefits: Good for diabetes, improves hormonal function, helps treat constipation, good for pregnant women, helps one relax and is good for the brain.

Nutritional content: Vitamin A, folate, potassium, copper and manganese, and a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C

Quick snack: Munch on guava with some chili powder and salt whenever you feel hungry.

9. Kiwis:

kiwi benefits

Benefits: Good for women after childbirth as it helps build immunity. An appetizer, it also improves sleep

Nutritional content: Folate, potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C and manganese

Quick snack: Make a kiwi sandwich with mascarpone cheese and rye bread.


Written by Dr Mala Mattha

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