Dudh Talai Lake – Beautiful Water Pond in Lake City Udaipur

Dudh Talai Lake – Beautiful Water Pond in Lake City Udaipur

Udaipur city is popular all over the world as the city of lakes because of its famous and beautiful lakes. One of them is a small lake or pond named Doodh Talai lake or Dudh Talai Lake, which is located adjacent to Lake Pichola.

Surrounded by amazing hills as well as greenery all around, this lake is one of the top attractions of Udaipur city.


Location of Dudh Talai Lake 

Located adjacent to the famous “Lake Pichola” and near shiva palace (residence of Maharana Fateh Singh), this lake is located in the middle of Udaipur, Rajasthan

Map of Dudh Talai Lake, Udaipur


History of Dudh Talai Lake

The word Dudh in Dudh Talai Lake means “Milk”. According to the old people of Mewar, earlier Doodh Talai was a small Milk pond, which was used to fulfill the basic needs of cows that used to live in government cow shelters (Raajakeey Goshalas).

Dudh Talai Lake

In other words, Dudh Talai lake (milk pond) was used exclusively for cows

The milk of the cows was used in the heritage kitchen. Later on, the dairy got shifted to the Goverdhan Vilas area of Udaipur, thus the animals transferred to the new area were brought daily for grazing, drinking water, as well as for bathing purposes in Dudh Talai. 

Thus, it can be assumed that this small, unique, and sweet water reservoir was used primarily for the Royal Concern.


Things to do at Dudh Talai Lake Udaipur 

Dudh Talai is surrounded by lush trees and small hillocks, that hosts the two beautiful parks named Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, and the Manikya Lal Verma Garden (also known as Rock Garden or Musical Fountain Garden).

In addition, there are many fast food centers located near this lake where you can enjoy delicious cuisines. You can also enjoy camels and horse riding at Dudh Talai Lake. 

With these activities, you can make your day memorable with the amazing environment of Dudh Talai Lake.

Manikya Lal Verma Garden:

Manikya Lal Verma Park

The Manikya Lal Verma Garden which is also popular as Doodh Talai garden provides a magical view of Lake Pichola and Doodh Talai Lake.

This Musical Garden is a mesmerizing rock and musical fountain garden which offers an enchanting view of the city. 

One of the most special things about this garden is the sunset point, where you can relax and watch the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Along with this, it also provides an amazing and complete view of Lake Pichola. 


Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park:

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park dudh talali lake udaipur

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park is another small garden adjacent to the Manikya Lal Varma Garden (Musical Garden).

It was built by the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur.

One special thing about this park is Rajasthan’s first “Musical Fountain” built by “Yagnik Mechanical Engineering Works”.

It also provides a beautiful sight of the sunset point from where one can see the sun in the lap of Lake Pichola depicting magical lights.


The Ropeway [Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway]:

karni mata temple ropeway

A ropeway has been built at a very high altitude above Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, which takes tourists to Karni Mata Temple. 

The cabin car for Karni Mata ropeway was developed by businessman ‘Mr. Kailash Khandelwal’ in collaboration with UIT, Udaipur.

Apart from this, the ride is at an altitude of about 500 meters from the ground, and it runs on a fixed and strong grip mono cable.

It is the first ropeway in the state of Rajasthan, providing a 4-minute spectacular ride that gives you a blissful experience while traveling through the aerial view.

In addition, you can see a panoramic view of the city including the Pichola Lake, the panoramic City Palace, Sajjangarh Fort, and other places from your cabin in this ride.

Apart from this, the cost of a ticket is quite cheap, which is around Rs.80 / – per adult.


How to Reach Dudh Talai Lake

Dudh Talai Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions of Udaipur. You can use the following methods to reach this lake-

By Air

Udaipur State Airport, known as Dabok Airport, is located about 24.0 km from the lake. Indian Airways connects Udaipur with some major cities in which Mumbai, Delhi, Jodhpur, and Aurangabad, etc.

By Train

This Lake in Udaipur is located only 3 kilometers from the Udaipur railway station. You can travel directly to this city by train from Delhi, Jaipur, Chittor, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur. 

By Road

You can also make your trip to Udaipur exciting by road. You can reach Udaipur by traveling through the private and government-run buses and reach Dudh Talai lake easily. 


Best Time to Visit Dudh Talai Lake 

Evening time is considered as the ideal time to visit Dudh Talai lake as the weather here is the most pleasant in the evening.

Similarly, October to March can be considered as the best month to visit Udaipur in the whole year because the rest are months of summer, where you will not be able to enjoy because of scorching heat.

So if you want to make your day a memorable one at Dudh Talai, the evening is the best time for this.


Places to Visit Near Dudh Talai Lake


Lake Pichola :

lake pichola Udaipur

Pichola Lake is the top attraction near Dudh Talai Lake, which is one of the best tourist destinations of Udaipur.

There are four islands within it (Jag Niwas, Mohan Mandir, Jag Mandir, and Arshi Villa) which reflect the royal architecture of Mewar.

Also, one can enjoy the full view of all the places by riding a sunset boat, which costs around Rs.200 / – per person.

In addition, one can enjoy a camel and horse ride at the lakeside of Pichola (known as Paal) at any time of the day.

Apart from all these explorations, there is another site known as “Jungle Safari”, which is located 3.5Km near the road leading to the private jetty zone of Lake Pichola.

Lake Pichola Boat Ride :

One of the most beautiful things to experience Pichola Lake is the boat ride. To feel the ravishing breeze of this lake, experience making your evening beautiful by taking a boat ride in Lake Pichola.


Jagdish Temple :

Jagdish Temple Udaipur-Rajasthan

The famous Jagdish temple of India is situated on an 8-minute (2.2 km) walk from Dudh Talai Lake.

It is listed among the top 100 temples in India and one of the popular tourist attractions of Udaipur city. 

Earlier, this temple was originally called “Jagannath Rai” but is now called ‘Jagdish temple’.

Due to its popularity, this temple became a landmark after which the region was named Jagdish Chowk to honor the Jagdish Temple.


City Palace :

City Palace Udaipur

The City Palace is located only at a distance of about 700 meters from Dudh Talai Lake.

This Palace stands magnificently on the eastern banks of Lake Pichola. 

Surrounded by the Aravalli mountain range, it is worth admiring for its unbelievable royal architecture that offers a magical view of the surroundings.

The current custodian of the City Palace is Shri “Arvind Singh Mewar“ and his elder brother “Mahendra Singh Mewar“.

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Written by Vishal Hiloriya

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