Everything You Need To Know About Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

Everything You Need To Know About Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

A ghat is a place situated on the banks of a lake or river which is commonly used by the locals to bathe. Ghats have great religious significance in Hindu culture and are mostly used for the celebration of festivals. Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur also known as or Gangori Ghat is a bathing ghat on the banks of Lake Pichola

It is one of the most scenic and popular destinations for the celebration of a large number of cultural festivals:

The name of this ghat was originally derived from ‘Gangaur’, the most popular and auspicious festival of Mewar.

Apart from this, it is also popular for celebrations of the Gangaur festival, Jal Julani Ekadashi, Ganesh idol immersion, the immersion of mother idol in Navratri.

Let’s explore two main and special festivals associated with Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur:

Gangaur Festival: 

gangaur festival Udaipur

Gangaur is colorful and one of the most special festivals of Mewar (Rajasthan). 

This cultural festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by womenfolk every year during March-April. 

In this festival, ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘Goddess Gauri’ are worshiped and idols are taken to visit the city and on the last day of the Gangaur festival, these idols are taken to Gangaur Ghat with a grand procession.

A grand procession is organized on the 18th day, in which the idols of Shiva and Parvati Maa are first decorated with flowers and gems, and then the whole city is visited and worshiped. A large number of women participate in it. 

Women bring a pot of water to their head on the banks of the Gangaur Ghat. Earthen pots near the Ghat are broken and the clay idols are immersed in water whereas large wooden idols are brought back by sprinkling holy water.

And finally, the women bid farewell to Maa Gauri with moist eyes and this is where the festival of Gangaur ends.

Jal Jhulni Ekadashi:

jal jhulni ekadashi Udaipur

Another festival in which Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur plays an important role.

It is a special festival associated with Lord Krishna, in which his child form is worshiped with great pomp.

On the day of Jal Jhulni Ekadashi(Gyaras), statues of Bal Gopal (Lord Krishna in his child form) decorated with colorful processions from various temples of Udaipur travel towards Gangaur Ghat.

In the end, all the processions take place at the ghat, where the statues of Bal Gopal are carried in the water of Lake Pichola and then the local people worship those idols swing those idols in the water itself.

Location of Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

It is located at Old City, Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


Best Place for Photography Lovers

gangaur ghat udaipur photography

Gangaur Ghat is very popular among local and foreign tourists due to spectacular attractions like the famous Pichola lake and Bagore ki Haveli.

Especially among youngsters, it is one of the best and famous places in Udaipur for beautiful videography and photography and also for the pre-wedding shoots. 

Bollywood also Loves this Place

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela movies shot in udaipur

Not only the locals but also the film industry loves Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur due to its scenic and unbelievable view. 

It has been featured in many Bollywood films, including some super hit films like Dhadak, Ram-Leela, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

How to Reach Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

You can use your own vehicle or private taxi or cab to reach Gangaur Ghat, but the roads in the old city are a bit congested and you may have trouble reaching there with a four-wheeler, so, it is better that you should reach the ghat with the help of a two-wheeler or by walking. 

Perhaps due to the narrow streets of the Old City, you may have a little trouble, but seeing the Rajasthani atmosphere here, your journey will definitely be memorable.

Best Time to Visit Gangaur ghat Udaipur

One can visit Gangaur ghat at any time of the day, but the best time to visit is just before sunrise and after sunset when the golden light of the sun falls on the waving water of the ghat and creates a magical atmosphere.

There is no entry fee or charge to visit the Gangaur Ghat.

Places to Visit Near Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

Bagore ki Haveli:

Bagore ki Haveli Udaipur, Rajasthan

Located Just outside Gangaur ghat entrance, Bagore ki haveli is a must-visit and one of the best tourist attractions near the ghat.

It was constructed in the 18th century by the then Prime Minister of Mewar State,“Amar Chand Badwa”. Bagore Ki Haveli has been restored over the period and now it is converted into a Royal Museum.


City Palace Udaipur:

City Palace Udaipur

Located only 400 meters from Gangaur Ghat, City Palace is a royal palace of Udaipur, where you can enjoy and know about the Rajput history and valor of Mewar.

Surrounded by the Aravalli mountain range, City Palace is worth admiring for its unbelievable royal architecture that offers a magical view of the surroundings.

It is one of the best places to visit near Gangaur ghat.


Jagdish Temple:

Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Located only 200 meters from the Gangaur Ghat, the Jagdish temple of Udaipur is among the top 100 temples in India and one of the popular tourist attractions of Udaipur city. 

Earlier, this temple was originally called “Jagannath Rai” but is now called ‘Jagdish temple’.

Due to its popularity, this temple became a landmark after which the region was named Jagdish Chawk to honor the Jagdish Temple.

Hotels Near Gangaur Ghat

Udai Kothi:

udai kothi udaipur

located just 5 min walk away from Gangaur ghat Udaipur, Udai Kothi, is one of the best hotels to stay near the ghat. 

It is a luxurious hotel built in royal architecture, reflects Rajasthani culture. This heritage hotel in Udaipur has already left a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. 

Along with this, It has been also voted as the “best wedding venue” in the state of Rajasthan by the New York Times Magazine.

If you are looking for a luxurious stay near Gangaur ghat, Udai Kothi is an ideal hotel. 


Jaiwana Haveli:

A royal hotel with twenty-four rooms located only 2 min walk away from the ghat. 

Jaiwana Haveli is equipped with modern facilities for the modern visitor, with a touch of the Rajput tradition.

Apart from this, this beautiful lake offers an enchanting view of Pichola as well as its surroundings.


Things to keep in mind before visiting Gangaur Ghat

1. It’s best to use a two-wheeler or walk to access the Gangaur ghat, as the roads in the old city are a bit narrow and can make your four-wheeler create a hassle on the scene.

2. Ghat remains crowded during festivals, so take care of your valuables.

3. For the best experience, the Recommended time to visit the ghat is after Sunset and later at night.

Undoubtedly, Gangaur Ghat is a wonderful tourist attraction of Udaipur, loved by everyone. If you like this information, please share it with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

Written by Vishal Hiloriya

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