Now India Will be Under Complete Lockdown till 14th April, Says PM

Now India Will be Under Complete Lockdown till 14th April, Says PM

Last night at 8 pm, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi again addressed the entire country through television. Due to rising outbreaks of Coronavirus day by day, the PM has declared a complete lockdown all over India for the next 21 days. Now India will be under complete lockdown till 14th April.

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Currently, social distancing is the best and only way to fight the Covid-19, he said. This is the only way we can save ourselves and our family from pandemic coronavirus. He has appealed to all citizens to stay at home. If we do not manage ourselves for the next 21 days then the many families will be destroyed forever.

Forget going out for the next 21 days and stay at home. “If we won’t support the nationwide lockdown for 21 days, we will be pushed back by 21 years.”

At the onset, the Prime Minister praised and thanked all the citizens for making the Janta curfew a success.

He said according to experts, that social distancing is necessary not only for the infected but for every and every citizen, including the Prime Minister.

PM Modi said that this lockout will be more stringent compare to the Janta curfew. For this, the country may have to pay financial costs, but at the moment it is important for the safety of the people.

For 21 days, forget completely what to step outside. Assume that there is a Laxman Rekha on your doorstep, beyond which you do not have to go. Understand this so that even one wrong step outside your house will bring coronavirus inside your house.

He also said that all the important steps are being taken by the state and central government to ensure the supply of essential commodities. Civil societies are working to reduce the difficulties of poor families. I have requested all the states that health services should be the first priority, he said.

He also mentions feeding and caring for animals that live outside our home. He said that Rs 15,000 crore would be allocated to strengthen the health infrastructure for the treatment of coronavirus. And medical and paramedical staff will be trained for this.

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PM Modi said, “It is a time of discipline and patience. I appeal to all citizens with folded hands that together we can fight Coronavirus.

Apart from this, he also emphasized and requested people not to trust any kind of superstition or rumors. Do not take any medicine without consulting the doctor, it can be dangerous for your health.

And finally, he said that I am confident that the country will emerge victorious from this challenge.

Written by Vishal Hiloriya

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