Stray Animals Starving due to Lockdown

Stray Animals Starving due to Lockdown

The whole world is currently looking helpless in front of the outbreak of COVID-19. Thousands of people are dying due to the coronavirus every day, and the situation is very critical at the moment.

Due to the lockdown, there has been a crisis on the livelihood of lakhs of people and not only humans but stray animals are also facing a crisis of hunger.

Currently, the lockdown in all districts in India can be extended till April 30, due to which millions of stray animals (Street dogs, Cows, Monkeys) living on the roadside for their livelihood have come to the brink of starvation, and many animals have died of starvation. Especially in areas where they were completely depended on hotels, restaurants, shop, etc. for their livelihood.

The pandemic has affected not only stray dogs and cats but also monkeys. According to some news channels, with a decrease in tourists, monkeys are also coming to the streets due to hunger.

The animals living on the road are starving and weak puppies and kittens cannot survive this ordeal.

A few days ago, PM Modi had also said in his address that in the event of this crisis, we should also take care of the animals around us.

There are many areas in Udaipur city where stray animals are suffering from hunger due to lockdown. Especially areas like Madri Industrial Area, Sukher Highway, Pratapnagar, Debari, Dubok, etc where their condition is very pathetic.

animal lovers

In view of these conditions, many animal activists and lovers have come forward to help stray animals. Animal Aid Unlimited from Udaipur and many Animal Lovers are providing food for more than 1000 animals daily during this period of lockdown.

When our team talked to some animal lovers about this, they said that if stray animals do not get water and food, they will die of starvation because they are completely dependent on us.

Finally, we request all of you to stay in your homes, stay safe and take care of the stray animals around you and if possible, please provide food and water.

Written by Vishal Hiloriya

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